Free Trader Plans

From Marc Miller’s original 1977 rules found in The Traveller Book (ISBN-10: 0139302557, ISBN-13: 978-0139302558):

freetraderillustrationFree Trader (type A): Using a 200-ton hull, the free trader is an elementary interstellar merchant ship plying the space lanes carrying cargo and passengers. It has jump drive-A, maneuver drive-A, and power plant-A, giving performance of jump-I and I-G acceleration. Fuel tankage 64 for 30 tons supports the jump drive and one jump-I. – Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Modelll. There are ten staterooms and twenty low berths. There are two hardpoints and two tons set aside for fire control. No weapons are mounted. There are no ship’s vehicles. Cargo capacity is 82 tons. The hull is streamlined.

The free trader requires a crew of four: pilot, engineer, medic, and steward. Up to two gunners may be added. The ship can carry six high or middle passengers and twenty low passengers. The ship costs MCr37.08 (including 10% discount for standard designs) and takes 11 months to build.


NOTE: These plans represent a special Beowulf-class variant design in which the upper deck staterooms have been made much smaller in order to accommodate an air/raft launch bay.

DOWNLOAD BOTTOM DECK (cargo loading bay and fire control)

DOWNLOAD MIDDLE DECK (cargo holds, jump drive engineering, crew quarters, low passage / sick bay, bridge)

DOWNLOAD TOP DECK (mid- and high passage staterooms, lounge)