Adventure 1: The Kinunir


(Spinward Marches: 001-1105)

Four adventures based around the 1,200-ton Kinunir-class battle cruiser.

* THE SCRAP HEAP: A supposed agent of Oberlindes Lines hired the PCs to get trade secrets on the Kinunir from a rusted-out prototype on Regina.

* THE HUNTING EXPEDITION: A foppish young noble and his entourage on Regina hires a crew for a hunting expedition of tree krakens on the southern hemisphere of Knorbes (0207). However, this site turns out to be a restricted archeological site protected by the Kinunir-class battle cruiser Luuru, which will intercept and capture trespassers for later trial and imprisonment on Pixie (0303).

* THE GASH: A young lady seeks out help to rescue her father, a noble a senator who has been missing for three years. The father is in fact being held by the Imperium aboard an orbital prison hulk at Pixie (0303). Imperial prison station 17 is the former battle cruiser Gaesh (now nicknamed “The Gash”) which was gutted and modified to its current purpose.

* THE LOST SHIP: Rumors of weak positional signals in the Shionthy (0706) asteroid belt actually come from a lost Kinunir ship which became disabled after its computer went nuts and killed its crew. The asteroid belt is posted as interdicted and dangerous due to the presence of “contra-terrene matter” (antimatter), which tends to blow up any regular matter it contacts – thus leaving starships disabled or worse.

* Battlefield salvage, post Battle of the Two Suns
* Ship downed on planetary surface
* Mercenary support (leading to Navy v. merc frictions)
* Prospecting for Lanthanum for drive coils