Magic Item Shopping In Ank’Harel

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To get ahead of player frustrations regarding shopping for specific magic items, here’s the 5th edition rules on such tasks.

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For Ank’Harel, a metropolitan magical trade center (approx. level 5-10 range), to spend a day trying to locate a specific item will require a d%/percentile roll (reflects that the character asks around, checks multiple shops, tips a few coins to brokers to be on the lookout for the sought item, and so forth).

* 100% … Basic Healing Potion (50 gp; super common item)
* 38% … Other Common Consumable (cantrip, 1st level spell scroll)
* 27% … Uncommon Consumable (2nd or 3rd level spell scroll)
* 18% … Uncommon Permanent (+1 weapon)
* 13% … Rare Consumable (4th or 5th level spell scroll)
* 5% … Rare Permanent (+2 weapon, +1 armor)
* 3% … Very Rare Consumable (6th, 7th, 8th level spell scroll)
* 1% … Very Rare Permanent (+3 weapon, +2 armor)
* Nope … Legendary Items (9th level spell scroll, +3 armor)

Other options…

Custom Magic Items – Do It Yourself (Crafting)
* Common Item: 100 gp in materials, 4 days, min. proficiencies (Arcana, specific tools, etc.).
* Uncommon Item: 500 gp in materials, 20 days, min. 3rd level character.
* Rare Item: 5,000 gp in materials, 6.5 months (200 days), min. 6th level character.
* Very Rare Item: 50,000 gp in materials, 5.5 years (2,000 days), min. 11th level character.
* Legendary Item: 500,000 gp in materials, 55 years (20,000 days), min. 17th level character.

Above time and cost is for one worker working alone.
* Consumable Item (Potion, Oil, Scroll): Cost cut by half but time cannot be reduced.
* For Non-Consumable Item (Weapon, Armor, Item): Adding a second worker cuts time to half, third worker to 1/3, etc.

Custom Magic Items – Hire Someone To Do It
* As above, double cost and time (unless character does great job in negotiating).

Using the above scale, temples sell healing potions at cost (50 gp for basic, 250 gp for greater, etc.) since sharing healing to the world is considered charity.