AD&D1e Fast Characters

Tournament play character sheets for use with S1: Tomb Of Horrors (also works with other AD&D modules for levels 8 to 14):

1.) Human 14th Level Magic-User (Chaotic Good)
2.) Human 14th Level Cleric (Neutral Good)
3.) Human 12th Level Paladin (Lawful Good)
4.) Human 13th level Ranger (Neutral Good)
5.) High Elf 11th Level Magic-User / 5th Level Fighter (Lawful Neutral)
6.) Dwarf 9th Level Fighter (Neutral Good)
7.) Halfling 11th Level Thief (Chaotic Neutral)
8.) Dwarf 8th Level Thief / 7th Level Fighter (Neutral)
9.) Human 9th Level Cleric (Lawful Neutral)
10.) Half-Elf 7th Level Ranger / 6th Level Magic-User / 5th Level Cleric (Neutral Good)
11.) Elf 9th Level Thief / 7th Level Magic-User (Chaotic Good)
12.) Human 9th Level Magic-User (Lawful Good)
13.) Human 8th Level Fighter (Neutral)
14.) Human 8th Level Cleric (Lawful Neutral)
15.) Half-Elf 6th Level Thief / 5th Level Fighter (Neutral)
16.) Human 6th Level Cleric (Lawful Good)
17.) Human 7th Level Paladin (Lawful Good)
18.) Gnome 5th Level Illusionist / 4th Level Fighter (Chaotic Good)
19.) Human 6th Level Fighter (Neutral)
20.) Halfling 5th Level Thief / 4th Level Fighter (Chaotic Good)

Explainer on special equipment and magical treasure listed on above character sheets:
Party Magic Item Descriptions