Otherwhere: Cast Of Characters

TK-olyaOLYA (NPC Patron): A mage-merchant who holds the rank of Walker Of Somewheres within the Theurgy Cooperative (a guild monopolizing teleportation magic). A big man of varied heritage, he’s easily recognizable due to his gold-plated teeth and the handful of coins always orbiting around his head. While loud and friendly among all, his constant pursuit of “get rich quick” schemes and dubious magical innovations tend to get others in trouble on his behalf.

Sixth-Level Player Character Adventurers

TK-AirrGreyhornAIRR GREYHORN (James): One of the vanir (eladrin) who dwell alongside humans, aesir (aasimar), svartalfar (drow), and half-giants (goliath) in the cold North. An arcane archer (fighter) who favors druidic qualities to his magic, he already followed an ideal of “rob from the rich, give to the poor” even before joining the Fellowship of Thorns and Coins (the dominant thieves guild). Olya became the second husband to Airr’s aunt, a union not entirely favored by her sister, Airr’s mother. Olya is always getting his new family members involved in his questionable plans.

TK-anidfrackoANI D’FRACKO (Colette): A Zariel tiefling bard (school of swords) left at the Knights of the Blade and Bow’s Southern desert training castle when she was 4 years old. She believes her birth parents came from Ocopoli in the East, but the knights are really the only family she has ever known. She is close with Olya, who dotes on his “righteous babe” and indulges her love of sweets – especially almond-paste pastry – while at the same time getting her involved in “un-knightly” missions that would hurt her reputation should they become widely known.

TK-runeknight BRUNHILDE STONEFORGE AND HONEY (Cecilia): A dwarven rune knight and her pet badger who travel aboard the fungal astral vessel Sylvie.

The giant runes inscribed on her weapons allows Brunhilde to transform into giant size and “hulk out” against her foes.

TK-melvin-lesterMELVIN AND LESTER (Rusty): When an aspiring young human bard named Melvin sought fame, alien forces (and Olya) answered. After a pact with a vestige entity, an imp-turned-ventriloquist’s dummy named Lester forged a bond with Melvin (bard of eloquence/warlock of the great old one), and now the pair seek to entertain audiences far from Melvin’s birthplace in the enchanted city Tir Na Traynocht in the West. Olya, acting almost as a procurer of hosts for the symbiotic entity, demands help with odd jobs and adventures in exchange for his role in making such cosmic connections.

TK-vanneVANNEKETHEMEK (Jake): More commonly known as just Vann, this psychic-skilled githzerai (cleric of knowledge/divination wizard) got lost from his native home on the outer plane of Limbo and ended up aboard the fungal astral vessel Sylvie. Now a sort of psionic sailor/navigator in the vast Astral Plane, he helps support his fellow passengers by trading weird salvage scavenged from the void to Olya in exchange for food, water and other more temporally sensitive supplies.