Cop Gear, Spy Tools, Modern Equipment Lists

A quick reference guide cribbed from d20 Modern, GURPS, Spycraft and some other sources…

Police Equipment List

From d20 Modern’s Urban Arcana by Eric Cagle, Jeff Grubb, David Noonan, and Stan!, p. 82

What’s Inside a Police Cruiser? Police vehicles vary in terms of what equipment they carry, depending on whether they belong to state, county, or city precincts. Despite this, there is enough similarity to assume that the following equipment could be found in any police cruiser. Most of the items listed here are described in Chapter Four: Equipment and Vehicles in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. The following items are located in the front passenger compartment of the vehicle:

  • Mossberg shotgun (including box of ammunition with 12 rounds; Disable Device check DC 20 to open the lock)
  • Patrol box
  • CB radio (professional)
  • Maps (road atlas)
  • GPS receiver
  • Searchlight (as battery flood flashlight but double the range; mounted to vehicle)
  • Pepper spray canister
  • Baton (use club) or tonfa
  • Flashlight (standard and 12 chemical light sticks)
  • laser (50% chance)

The following equipment is typically located in the trunk of the vehicle (Disable Device check DC 15 to open the lock):

  • First-aid kit
  • Basic evidence kit
  • Basic toolkit (including duct tape, boltcutters. and multipurpose tool)
  • Handcuffs and plastic zip ties
  • Blankets
  • Food (the equivalent of 2 days trail rations)
  • 12 road flares
  • Traffic cones
  • Gas siphon
  • Crime scene tape
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Trauma kit (50% chance)
  • 4 tear gas canisters (50% chance)
  • Spike strip (50% chance)


Stats provided for Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS rules

Equipment (all in the trunk of a car; select as personal gear as needed):

Nondescript dark clothing (example: black jeans, boots, bulky dark jacket)

A 12-gauge shotgun (example: FN Police Shotgun) (Dmg 4d crushing; Acc 5; 1/2D 25 yd; Max. 150 yd; RoF 3~; Rcl -3; 5 shots/clip)

A semi-automatic handgun (example: Glock 17) (Dmg 2d+2 crushing; Acc 3; 1/2D 150 yd; Max. 1,850 yd; RoF 3~; Rcl -1; 17 shots/clip)
(“Red-dot” laser scope increases pistol’s aiming bonus to Acc 5; can be switched on/off.)
(Three extra ammo clips for pistol on belt.)
(Quick-release holster for pistol, designed for using Fast Draw skill.)

Telescoping steel baton (Swing crushing, thrust crushing).

Air taser (Dmg special; Acc 6; 1/2D 7yd; Max. 7yd; RoF 1; Rcl 0; 1 shots/clip; target must make a Health-3 [HT-3] check or be stunned for [20-HT] seconds, min. 1 second; a critical failure means target’s heart has stopped. Targets in nonmetallic armor get a +1 bonus per DR 5, so +2 for DR 6-10, etc. Other modifiers: Target has High Pain Threshold advantage, +3; Low Pain Threshold, -4.)

Small canister of chemical mace (Dmg special; Acc 4; 1/2D 3yd; Max. 3yd; RoF 1; Rcl 0; 10 shots/canister; if hit in face [-7 called shot], target must make a Health-4 [HT-4] check or be blinded for [20-HT] minutes, min. 1 minute. While blind, target suffers -5 penalty to most actions; some visual actions will be impossible.)

1 set of metal police handcuffs (Fits wrists only; Escape-5 or DX-11 to slip out of, or ST-18 to break)

6 plastic strip-type temporary handcuffs (Fit wrists or ankles; Escape-3 or DX-9 to slip out of, or ST-12 to break)

Headset communication system (talk with rest of team or HQ) (Walkie-talkie-type slim mic and earpiece; range 21 miles)

Monocular night-vision headgear (Worn as slip-on headband; allows sight at no penalty in darkness, although total darkness is still blinding.)

Ultrasonic dog deterrent (A hand-held electronic device that can emit a burst of ultrasonic sound. Dogs and similar animals with ultrasonic hearing up to 6.5 yards away must make a Health-3 [HT-3] check or be painfully stunned for [20-HT] seconds, min. 3 seconds; no permanent damage is done.)

Digital game finder (A hand-held electronic device which detects moving temperature changes passing within range; typically used for tracking game animals in the dark, also good for humans. Range is about 100 yards in the open to just 1 yard through solid walls; 20 hour battery life)

Tough (DR 2) equipment case housing a laptop computer with line modem, wireless network card, portable printer, and a digital camera with a long-range zoom lens. (Camera doubles as binoculars as necessary.)

Firefighter Equipment List

From d20 Modern’s Urban Arcana by Eric Cagle, Jeff Grubb, David Noonan, and Stan!, p. 83

What’s Inside a Fire Truck? Fire trucks are enormous vehicles that carry a tremen­dous amount of firefighting, medical, and search and rescue equipment. Obviously, most of the space is dedi­cated to the operation of the fire hoses. The following items can be found in the front cab of a fire truck:

  • CB radio (equivalent to professional walkie-talkie with double the range)
  • GPS receiver
  • Searchlight (mounted to vehicle)
  • 4 walkie-talkies (professional) with charger
  • Maps (road atlas)
  • Instant camera and extra film
  • Binoculars
  • Shovels, brooms, and steel rake
  • 2 battery powered floodlights

The following items are located in various storage panels on the sides and rear of the fire truck. Some of these items have been condensed into kits:

  • 1 crash kit
  • 2 trauma kits
  • 3 first-aid kits
  • 1 basic evidence kit
  • Hose and pipe fittings
  • Flashlights (3 battery flood, 3 regular)
  • Basic mechanical tool kit (including duct tape, bolt­cutters, multipurpose tool)
  • Long tools (shovels, rakes, brooms, wrenches, pry bar, fire axe, sledgehammer)
  • Hand-held fire extinguishers (pressure water, dry chemical, CO2, halon)
  • Rope (100 feet)
  • 2 searchlights (mounted on sides of the vehicle)
  • Submersible water pump
  • Tarps
  • 2 chainsaws

The following equipment is located in the hose bed and open top compartment of a fire truck:

  • Fire hoses (100+ feet)
  • Hose fittings and couplings
  • 5 gallon can of gasoline
  • 2 15-foot ladders
  • Gas-powered circular saw
  • Gas-powered electrical generator and cables

Ambulance/EMT Equipment List

From d20 Modern’s Urban Arcana by Eric Cagle, Jeff Grubb, David Noonan, and Stan!, p. 83

What’s in an Emergency Aid Vehicle? Obviously, aid vehicles are loaded with a huge variety of medical equipment. Instead of listing every single item, assume that the following “kits” can be assembled from the gear carried inside.

  • 1 crash cart
  • 4 trauma kits
  • 6 first-air kits
  • 6 first-aid kits
  • 1 basic evidence kit

In addition, aid vehicles contain a large number of non-medical equipment, allowing them to provide assis­tance under almost any circumstance.

  • CB radio (as professional walkie-talkie with twice the range)
  • GPS receiver
  • Maps (road atlas)
  • Flashlights (2 standard, 4 penlights, 1 battery flood)
  • Cellular phone
  • Basic mechanical tool kit (including duct tape, bolt- cutters, multipurpose tool)
  • Rope (50 feet)
  • Blankets
  • Physical restraints (equivalent to handcuffs)
  • Sand bags (for stabilization)
  • Wood blocks (for setting tires)
  • Searchlight (as a battery flood flashlight, but twice the range; mounted on vehicle)
  • Winch and cable
  • Hydraulic compressor (50% chance; mounted on out­side of vehicle)
  • Jaws of life (only if there is a hydraulic compressor)
  • Metal cutting saw (only if there is a hydraulic com-pressor)
  • Tire chains (+2 bonus on Drive checks on icy surfaces)

Time Traveller’s Equipment

From GURPS Time Travel (1991 version by Steve Jackson and John M. Ford)…

  • Clothing: Plain boots, demin jeans, cotton shirt and leath jackets.
  • Leather knapsack, containing…
    • Paper clip.
    • Metal strip with the phrase “10% sulfur, 15% charcoal, 75% saltpeter” stamps in it.
    • Five books: The Ways Things Work (vol. 1 and 2), A Barefoot Doctor’s Manual, Henley’s Formulas, and gambling results for all 20th century sports events.
    • Swiss army knife.
    • Magnifying glass.
    • Box of 100 matches.
    • Lighter.
    • A pen with permanent ink.
    • A solar-powered calculator.
    • A small flashlight.
    • 100 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition.
    • A small pair of bionoculars.
    • A medical kit containing…
      • Penicillin.
      • Snakebite kit.
      • Aspirin.
  • A heavy walking stick.
  • A large utility knife.
  • A .22 caliber rifle.

Espionage Agent Equipment

From Spycraft (2001 version by Patrick Kapera and Kevin Wilson), p. 106

Bundle A

  • Large briefcase and clothes carrier (to store bundle)
  • 1 set average clothes
  • 1 set designer clothes
  • Personalized tuxedo liner
  • Cell-phone
  • Digital audio recorder
  • + 1 commercial-grade memory chip
  • Evidence kit
  • Personal digital assistant

Bundle B

  • Large “hockey bag” (to store bundle)
  • 1 set average clothes
  • 1 set trendy clothes
  • Assorted street and topographical maps
  • Cell-phone
  • Crowbar
  • Professional grade digital camera
  • + 2 professional-grade memory chips
  • Duct tape, super-glue and rubber bands
  • First aid kit
  • Lock picking kit
  • Multi-purpose tool / pocket knife
  • 20 disposable plastic restraints
  • Pocket flashlight
  • Personal digital assistant
  • 2 tactical radios

Bundle C

  • Military “sea-bag” (to store bundle)
  • 1 set plainclothes
  • 1 set camouflage fatigues
  • All-weather lighter
  • Cell-phone
  • 10 chemical lightsticks
  • 5-day supply of field rations
  • Digging / entrenching tool
  • GPS receiver (hand-held)
  • .357 revolver or 9×19mm service pistol
  • + Laser sight (either) or silencer (pistol only)
  • + 100 bullets
  • 2 tactical radios

Modern Infantry Soldier (U.S. Army, Viet Nam Era)

(I forget the source, but probably some edition of Palladium’s RECON by Erick Wujcik)

  • Camoflage fatigues (signs of rank removed), with various pocket items…
    • Lighter.
    • A fork.
    • A wire cutters.
    • Can opener.
    • Extra shoe laces.
    • Wire.
    • Deck of playing cards.
    • Local paper money.
    • Insect repellant.
    • Pencil, paper, envelopes.
  • .357 Magnum pistol with extra clip on belt in pistol holder.
  • Helmet with camoflage covering, with rubber band holding in toothbrush and paste.
  • Jungle boots, sun hat, sunglasses (always on).
  • Dogtags (worn around neck).
  • M-16 Assault Rifle strapped on back.
  • Attached gear (on belt or suspenders)…
    • First aid kit.
    • Canteen.
    • Bayonet.
    • Weapon cleaning kit.
    • Eight ammo pouches (total of 16 M-16 30-round clips -two per pouch).
    • Four smoke grenades.
    • Four fragmentation grenades.
  • Rucksack, comtaining…
    • Extra canteen.
    • An extra rifle bolt.
    • A poncho.
    • Five C-rations.


  • Non-descript clothing, dark colors.
  • A pistol.
  • Clip of silver bullets.
  • Knife made of cold iron.
  • Knife made of silver.
  • Wooden stakes (set of 6).
  • Holy symbol (matches faith of hunter).
  • Cigarette lighter and aerosol can (improvised flamethrower).