Stanton’s DM Screen

A while back I created my own sheets for one of those DM screens with clear slip-in pockets for inserts. Some of these sheets are simply handouts, like the druid wildshape cheatsheets.

Download Stanton’s DM Screen (5e) PDF


Sly Flourish’s The Lazy Dungeon Master by Michael E. Shea

How to be a Great Game Master by Guy Sclanders et. al.
* Specifically, this video from May 29, 2019:

Hellscapes (5e corebook) by Ryan Chaddock et. al. @ Scrivened, LLC

…and obviously:

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules by Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, and others from Wizards of the Coast (from original works by Dave Arneson, Gary Gygax, et. al.)


DM top advice
5e weapon damages
5e quick rules for magic potions and scrolls
5e quick rules for magic weapons and armors
5e conditions and dying rules
encounter builder guidelines
dungeon design notes
druid wildshape quick stats
druid wildshape quick stats