Sci-Fi 5e Medicines And Equipment

Some homebrew science-fiction equipment for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Depending on the setting, one credit (cr) could equal one gold piece (gp).

SINGLE-DOSE DRUGS (action or bonus action to use)

* Bliss Drug: User suffers stunned condition for 1 minute, then once per minute may attempt a Constitution save DC 15 to end, after which user regains 1d4 hp. (10 cr)
* Combat Drug: For 1 minute, immune to the frightened condition and gain 5 temporary hit points; hp end after duration. (90cr)
* Compliance Drug: User makes Wisdom save DC 15 to avoid the charmed condition, if fail repeat save once per minute to end. (50 cr)
* Disinfection Additive: Same effect as purify food and drink spell. (25 cr)
* Focus Drug: Same effect as guidance cantrip but no concentration required, only one does per creature at same time. (15 cr)
* Greater Speed Drug: Same effect as haste spell, but when effect ends user suffers 1d10 necrotic damage and 1 level of exhaustion. (90cr)
* Healing Drug: Instantly heals 2d4+2 hp. (50 cr)
* Lesser Speed Drug: Same effect as expeditious retreat spell, but when effect ends user suffers 1 level of exhaustion. (10cr)
* Paralysis Drug: User must make a DC 15 Constitution save or suffer the paralyzed condition; if save failed, repeat saving throw once per minute to end condition. (50 cr)
* Restoration Drug: After 1 minute delay, same as lesser restoration spell. (250 cr)
* Shock Drug: Instantly removes 1 level exhaustion but causes 1d10 necrotic damage. (250 cr)
* Stasis Drug: Same effect as spare the dying cantrip. (10 cr)
* Sustenance Drug: Restores 1 hp and nourishes 1 creature for 24 hours. (10 cr)


* Antipsi Drug: Same effect as mind blank spell. (Expensive – min. 650cr – and very rare.)
* Melange Drug: Same effect as teleport spell. (Expensive – min. 500cr – and very rare.)

MEDICAL TREATMENTS (8 hours to use, can combine with long rest)

* Anagathic Treatment: Same effect as potion of longevity, DMG p. 188. (20,000 cr)
* Mind Suggestion Treatment: Same effect as suggestion spell but range is touch and no concentration is required for the effect’s duration. (200cr)
* Mind reprogramming treatment: Same effect as geas spell but range is touch. (500cr)
* Restoration Treatment: Same as lesser restoration or greater restoration spell. (500 cr)
* Vitality Treatment: Same effect as potion of vitality, DMG p. 188. (5,000 cr)


* Forcefield Shelter: 1 use per 24 hours, same as Leomund’s Tiny Hut spell. (10,000cr)
* Infrared Goggles: Grants wearer 60-foot darkvision. If wearer has darkvision of 60 feet or more, these goggles don’t add any benefit. (1,500cr)
* Portable Automaker: 10 charges, 1 use at a time, each same as effect as fabricate spell; regains 1 charge per 24 hours. (15,000cr)
* Proximity Alert System: 1 use every 24 hours, same effect as alarm spell. (100cr)
* Snare Grenade: Burst of synthetic cords, same effect as entangle spell, expended when used. (50cr)
* Tri-Scanner: 20 charges, detect poison and disease costs 1 charge, locate animals or plants or see invisible effects each cost 2 charges, locate object costs 5 charges; regains 1 charge per hour. (10,000cr)