Campaign Timeline: The World Of Greyhawk

BCY = Before Common Year (before The Great Kingdom proclamation)
CY = Common Year (counting years since first Imperial reign in Aerdy)
** = Moment of significance from player characters’ campaign backstories.

* Ehrendil Stone, half-elemental/half-elf druid (James Hallett)
* Norah Brithel, dwarven alchemist/artificer, wields Whelm (Colette Brown)
* Rose Flickflower, halfling paladin, wields Blackrazor (Lexi Greenberg)
* Sariel Galanodel, elven wizard (Cecilia Baader)
* Stelfast Holren, centaur ranger/warlock, and Maura (Rusty Ward)

Previously, Bahkgarr the bullywug (Rusty Ward)

* 1 million BCY … Queen of Chaos wars on Wind Dukes of Elemental Air.
* 1 million BCY … Rod of Law (aka Rod of Seven Parts) used to slay Queen of Chaos on prime world (Oerth).

(Oerth’s second sun in the sky may or may not disappear during this time.)

AGE OF THRALLS (demon-worshipping inhumans use humans as slaves/food)
* circa 13,000s BCY … ** Faction of isolationist elves settle in The Valley section of the Barrier Peaks. **
* circa 12,000s BCY … Strife among elven peoples.
* circa 13,000s BCY … Kopru (serpent-like amphibians) start undersea empire on Oerth.
* early 10,000s BCY … Elven deity Corellon transforms rebel elves into the drow, casts down Lolth.
* late 10,000s BCY … Drow civilization begins in the underdark.
* circa 9000s BCY … Yuan-ti (snakefolk) empire on the continent of Melavi (Hepmonaland).

AGE OF DELIVERANCE (first empire of free humans)
* circa 9000s BCY … Drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu built in the underdark.
* circa 8000s BCY … Torhoon human peoples overthrow yuan-ti empire.
* circa 7000s BCY … Peak of the Torhoon Empire on the continent of Melavi (Hepmonaland).
* circa 6000s BCY … Torhoon Empire falls; Olman people escape to southern Flanaess.

AGE OF GLORY (rise of human empires, magic and conquest)
* circa 5500s BCY … Founding of the Suel Empire.
* 4400s BCY … ** Suel mages begin magically binding genies as slave labor. **
* circa 3400s BCY … Emperor bans binding, prompts a 30-year civil war between houses.

* 3400s BCY … High and wood elves establish nations in the Flanaess (Highfolk, Celene, Aliador, and Arrisa).
* 3400s BCY … Tiamat-worshipping empire of Caerdiralor rises and falls (near modern Onnwal).

(During the following 1,200 years, Suel develops ever-greater magics. Non-Suel tribes – the Oerid and Bakluni peoples to the north – gradually subjugated and enslaved.)

* 2273 BCY … Suel Empire stretches to the Dramidi Ocean, but stays west of the eastern mountain ranges.
* 1923 BCY … Founding of the Empire of Sulm in central Flaeness, soon conquers neighboring lands.
* 1538 BCY … Break with Suel, founding of the Baklunish Empire.
* 1473 BCY … ** Keraptis the mage becomes protector of northern Flan people in Tostenhca in the Griff Mountains. **
* 1423 BCY … Vecna born into an untouchable caste among the Flan people.
* 1400 BCY … ** Drow forces push Suel wizards out of their underground dungeons below the Hellfurnaces mountains. **
* 1324 BCY … ** Drow and giant raids on The Valley prompt a contingent of 300 gnomes to head east on a quest to learn better magical defenses. **
* 1283 BCY … ** Gnomes from The Valley come under tutelage from Keraptis at Tostenhca. **
* 1243 BCY … ** About 100 gnomes return to The Valley to share new magical knowledge for weapons and defenses against raiders. **
* 1208 BCY … ** Magical warhammer Whelm created by dwarven Clan Dankil at a dwarfhold under the Barrier Peaks. **
* 1099 BCY … Flan uprising ends rule of Keraptis, mage goes into wandering exile with his gnome followers.
* 1000 BCY … ** Records show the weapons Blackrazor, Wave and Whelm all in possession of Keraptis at this time. **
* 913 BCY … Shattados, last King of Sulm, receives the Scorpion Crown from the chaos god Tharizdun.
* 903 BCY … Empire of Sulm destroyed, lands become The Bright Desert.
* 799 BCY … ** Keraptis and his remaining “evil” gnome followers move into the dungeon under White Plume Mountain. **
* 781 BCY … ** Mountain inhabitants of Tostenhca all die, said to be due from a curse placed by Keraptis using his Null Enigma device. **
* 727 BCY … Plagues sweep human empires in western Oerik, 40% of population dies.
* 724 BYC … ** Ctenmiir born to dwarven Clan Ironfist under the Yatil Mountains. **
* 523 BCY … Baklunish wizard Lyzandred becomes a lich.
* 503 BYC … ** Dwarven hero Ctemiir acquires the magical warhammer Whelm. **
* 498 BCY … The lich Vecna founds an empire through the central Flanaess.
* 489 BCY … A newborn baby named Acererak is rescued and raised by the lich Vecna.
* 485 BCY … Start of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars, prompting eastward migrations into the Flanaess.
* 474 BYC … ** Dwarven hero Ctemiir turned into vampire in order to permanently extend his war against goblinkind. **
* 473 BCY … Vecna writes the Codex of the Infinite Planes.
* 466 BCY … Baklunish and Suloise empires turn to goblin, orc and ogre tribes for mercenaries.
* 456 BCY … ** Vampire Ctenmiir cast out of dwarven society for preying on his own people for blood. **

THE GREAT MIGRATIONS (human peoples driven east due to empire wars)
* 453 BCY … Oeridian refugees settle the city of Exag (modern Perrenland).
* 422 BCY … Invoked Devastation wipes out Balunish Empire, Rain of Colorless Fire wipes out Suel Empire.
* 344 BCY … Vecna is betrayed by Kas the Bloody-Handed; his empire falls.
* 223 BCY … Oeridians found the Kingdom of Aerdy in eastern Flanaess.

AGE OF AERDY (rise of The Great Kingdom)
* 1 CY … Empire of Aerdy (aka The Great Kingdom) proclaimed.
* 91 CY … ** Keraptis leaves White Plume Mountain; his fate after this time is unknown but his gnomes remain behind. **
* 150 CY … Rhennee people (Romani) first appear in Adri Forest. Unaccepted by locals, they take to barge life on rivers and lakes.
* 198 CY … The Star Cairns, a Suel magical site southeast of the City of Greyhawk, hit by meteor summoned by the lich Lyzandred.
* 203 CY … Betrayal by Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom Sir Kargoth in a pact with Demogorgon, leads to creation of death knights in Aerdy.

AGE OF GREAT SORROW (decline of The Great Kingdom)
* 213 CY … Eclipse during an Aerdy coronation signals the Age of Great Sorrow.
* 254 CY … Ferrond province breaks from The Great Kingdom, becomes the independent Kingdom of Furyondy.
* 260 CY … ** Tysiln San born in the Vault of the Drow. **
* 276 CY … Remaining gnome followers of Keraptis now gone from White Plume Mountain.
* 307 CY … ** Entire San family murdered by Lolth priestesses, only Tysiln escapes the Vault of the Drow with help from a mage; both flee to the surface world. **
* 315 CY … Future city of Greyhawk established as a trading post.
* 320 CY … Zagig Yragerne becomes Mayor of the settlement of Greyhawk.
* 321 CY … The Relentless Horde invades the far north of the Flanaess.
* 337 CY … ** Elven Queen Eldrell Yeni Surinen of the Divine House of Larethian appears in the Duchy of Ulek. **
* 342 CY … The Grey College founded in the settlement of Greyhawk.
* 347 CY … ** Magical experiment kills Tysiln San’s mage mentor, prompting her to travel the surface world alone. **
* 361 CY … Zagig Yragerne buries a cache of extraplanar magic under the Land of Black Ice.
* 372 CY … University of Magical Arts founded in the settlement of Greyhawk.
* 393 CY … Zagig Yragerne founds the Guild of Wizardry in Greyhawk.
* 394 CY … ** Elven Queen Eldrell liberates a 4,500-year-old Suel elemental prison under the Hellfurnaces mountains. **
* 397 CY … The mage Tasha becomes an apprentice to Zagig Yragerne. (Tasha will later become known as Iggwilv, the world’s greatest demonologist.)
* 405 CY … ** Tysiln San given refuge among a community of halflings in northern Keoland for 50 years before resuming her wandering. **
* 406 CY … ** Jaran Krimeah born to the House Rax within the city of Rauxes in the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. **
* 421 CY … Zagig Yragerne disappears from public life. (Demigod Zagyg appears.)
* 435 CY … ** Jaran Krimeah proclaimed Mage of The Great Kingdom, stages a failed coup and is imprisoned. **
* 436 CY … ** Jaran Krimeah released from prison, goes into exile from The Great Kingdom of Aerdy. **
* 452 CY … ** Jaran Krimeah, now known as The Black One, arrives in The Valley and champions its elven, gnome and human peoples. **
* 453 CY … ** Jaran Krimeah renamed The Exalted One; The Valley becomes known henceforth as The Valley of the Mage. **
* 453 CY … ** Norah Brithel born to mother Torgga Mightyhammer of Clan Dankil and father Oskar Brithel of Clan Fireforge in the Barrier Peaks foothills overlooking Little Bissel in the Valley of the Mage. The Brithel family are robotics experts, rivals to the famed Kwalish who lived just north of The Valley. **
* 455 CY … ** Tysiln San captured in the Valley of the Mage, becomes lover/First Protector to the Exalted One/Black One. **
* 459 CY … ** The Mightyhammers of Clan Dankil adapt drow trap techniques to create the Assassin’s Run in the Valley of the Mage. **
* 474 CY … ** Ehrendil Stone born to elven and elemental parents near the Monastery of the Toiling Lady along the southwestern coast of Jeklea Bay. **
* 479 CY … Iuz becomes a political threat in the north-central Flanaess.
* 480 CY … The witch Iggwilv conquers Perrenland but is soon overthrown by a rogue demon, years of famine and terror follow.
* 496 CY … Greyhawk’s “lansgraf” government model is officially replaced by an oligarchy. The neighboring free city of Hardby and the Wild Coast break off from the Domain of Greyhawk’s influence, causing an economic decline.
* 498 CY … Greyhawk officially becomes a Free City after severing ties with The Great Kingdom.
* 505 CY … Iuz disappears and his nation falls into chaos.
* 509 CY … Mordenkainen born.
* 513 CY … Orcs and goblins driven from Suss Forest and conquer the Pomarj.
* 524 CY … ** Norah Brithel and Ehrendil Stone become friends working together in The Valley. **
* 528 CY … ** Ulanu Flickflower born in Orchid Brook at the Lortmil foothills in the County of Ulek. **
* 540 CY … ** Stelfast Holren born near Errantkeep under the prosperous dominion of House Naelax, a noble family in The Great Kingdom. **
* 550 CY … ** Ulanu Flickflower leaves home, uses false names as a wandering charlatan in Keoland and Ulek nations. **
* 551 CY … Discovery of gold and treasure under Castle Greyhawk sparks local economic boom.
* 556 CY … ** Bahkgarr the bullywug born in the Mistmarsh. **
* 556 CY … Slave Lords organization begins terrorizing coastal settlements around the Sea of Gearnat.
* 557 CY … ** Stelfast Holren becomes a professional hunter/guide for various nobles and merchants traveling through the Ardi Forest in The Great Kingdom. **
* 564 CY … ** Ulanu Flickflower discovers “good” cleric Evangelor Umpirt is secretly working with the Slave Lords. **

RECENT HISTORY (past decade or so, all player characters have their own various adventures to earn experience)
* 566 CY … ** Rose (Ulanu) Flickflower begins combat training under Lord Tethrin of the Faerie Kingdom of Celene. **
* 568 CY … ** Stelfast Holren hired to kill a unicorn, transformed into a centaur, charged with guarding the infant Maura. **
* 569 CY … Temple of Elemental Evil founds an army, gets destroyed a year later by a coalition of humans and elves at the Battle of Emridy Meadows.
* 570 CY … Iuz accidentally freed from magic prison, returns to lead his empire.
* 571 CY … Iuz conquers lands of the Horned Society.
* 572 CY … Tribes of orcs invade the Shield Lands, refugees flee to Furyondy.
* 572 CY … First reports of The Scarlet Brotherhood, a Suel-supremacy movement.
* 573 CY … The Kingdom of Furyondy declares “perpetual war” against Iuz; the Wegwiur “wolf nomads” of the north, lords from the Shield Lands and elves of the Vesve Forest join in alliance. Greyhawk, especially its Thieves Guild, also pledge support against Iuz.
* 574 CY … ** Winter: An unending winter storm forms above the northern Archbarony of Blackmoor. **
* 575 CY … Reports of massive raiding by giants across the western kindgoms. Strange monsters seen roaming in the Barrier Peaks mountains.
* 575 CY … ** Autumn: Ehrendil Stone captured by Slave Lord agents near the city of Gryrax, sold and transported to duergar occupying the dungeons below White Plume Mountain. **
* 575 CY … ** Winter: Wizardry Guild of Greyhawk sponsors its first expedition to storm-locked Blackmoor.
* 576 CY … ** Spring: Sariel Galanodel arrives on Oerth, explores Keoland and the Ulek nations. **
* 576 CY … ** Spring: Valley of the Mage’s First Protector Tysiln San sends Norah Brithel on a quest to find the missing Ehrendil Stone. **
* 576 CY … ** Summer: Rose (Ulanu) Flickflower, Norah Brithel, Sariel Galanodel kidnapped by Slave Lords, sold to duergar at White Plume Mountain. **
* 576 CY … ** Autumn: Theft of magical items spark rumors in the City of Greyhawk that the wizard Keraptis has returned to White Plume Mountain. **
* 576 CY … ** START OF D&D5e 2020 CAMPAIGN **
* 576 CY … ** Autumn: Rose, Ehrendil, Norah, Sariel, Bahkgarr the bullywug and others escape White Plume Mountain with Blackrazor, Whelm and Wave. **
* 576 CY … ** Autumn (week before Brewfest): Rose, Ehrendil, Norah and Sariel arrive in the City of Greyhawk.
* 576 CY … ** Autumn (Brewfest): Stelfast Holdren and Maura arrive in the City of Greyhawk, are almost kidnapped by Evangelor Umpirt and other Slave Lords; Rose, Ehrendil, Norah, Sariel save the centaur and his young ward. **
* 576 CY … ** Autumn (1 week after Brewfest): Ehrendil does research at the Guild of Wizardry’s library; Norah mixes with archmage Jallarzi Sallavarian; Rose mixes with Guildmaster of Thieves Org Nenshen; Sariel crashes classes at the University of Magical Arts; Stel and Maura protected at the Temple of Rao. **
* 576 CY … ** Autumn (2 weeks after Brewfest): Oligarchs of Greyhawk sponsor a second magical expedition to Blackmoor. **