Animal Spirit Powers

In Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS Fantasy II: The Mad Lands and FASA’s Shadowrun role-playing rules, as well as many other sources, magic-using characters can channel animal spirit and gain related abilities, but also hindering behavior traits in the process. Below is sample of ideas from those sources…

Alligator (or Crocodile): powers of swimming and gripping strength / callous and violent attitude toward others.
Badger: powers of digging and attacking / tendency toward savage violence.
Bat: powers over darkness, flight and location / compulsion to stay in darkness and fear of bright light.
Bear: powers of strength, healing, growth and sleep / in winter, lethargy and sleepiness; in summer, extreme curiosity, gluttony and tendency toward violence.
Beaver: powers over architecture / compulsion to construct buildings near water.
Cat: powers of stealth and graceful movement / compulsive cleanliness and fear of strangers.
Caterpillar: powers of transformation / extreme gluttony.
Cheetah: powers of speed / grow tired very quickly.
Cockroach: powers of armor and resisting poison / fear of light and compulsion to eat garbage.
Cougar (Puma): powers to control non-magical land mammals / homicidal mania.
Coyote: powers of illusion / greediness and compulsion to take unnecessary risks.
Cricket: powers of communication over great distances / preoccupation with mating.
Deer: powers over plants and speed / timidness and skittish behavior.
Dog: powers of heightened senses / extreme stubbornness and need to protect loved ones.
Eagle (or Falcon, or Hawk): powers of air, flight, detection and command over birds / aloof and superior attitude and desire to be at least three stories above the ground.
Firefly: powers over light / compulsion to be noticed by others, be the center of attention.
Fish: powers over water and swimming / loss of intelligence.
Frog: powers of jumping / compulsion to stay in wet places.
Fox: powers of stealth and camouflage / compulsion to be a habitual liar.
Gopher: powers of earth and minerals / compulsion to build underground tunnels.
Horse: powers of strength and speed / stubbornness and loss of intelligence.
Killer Whale (Orca): powers over sea creatures / compulsion to live in the ocean.
Lion: powers of charisma, strength and hunting / need to command others.
Maggot: powers over the dead / compulsion to devour all living things.
Owl: powers of knowledge / madness due to overload of useless information.
Otter: powers over tools / excessive playfulness.
Porcupine: powers of armor, defense / insatiable craving for salt.
Raccoon: powers of escape and bypassing traps / compulsion to steal.
Rat: powers over disease / become cowardly when alone or bloodthirsty when in a group.
Rattlesnake: powers of poison and warning / violent territoriality.
Seal: powers over the mind / compulsion toward humor and practical jokes, ingore serious matters.
Songbird: powers of sound and flight / intense paternal instincts.
Spider: powers of trapping, snaring and command over insects / impulse to kill anyone entering home.
Squirrel: powers over food and climbing / compulsion to horde food.
Tiger: powers of stealth, strength and attacking / violent desire to be alone.
Turtle: powers of armor / move very slowly.
Vole: powers of shrinking in size / compulsion to hide from danger.
Wolf: powers of tracking, hunting and attacking / deference to those who seem more dominant.