Role-Playing Mini Codes Of Honor

I once wrote up playing card-sized OD&D character sheets that included three guidelines to remember when role-playing that character. Some were distilled down from the “code of honor” rules in other games (probably GURPS). Most played into tropes, but I still like them…

Fighters, Paladins:
1. Combat is glory; battle tests self-worth.
2. Never flinch before hardships; pain is only weakness leaving the body.
3. Face death before dishonor, treat your word with care and keep all promises.

1. Promote how the Faith can reward mortals.
2. Allow no heretic or infernal threat to survive.
3. The protection, aid and rescue of innocents from peril is more important than slaying monsters or collecting treasure.

1. Your only true family are fellow thieves.
2. Never claim property you cannot hide.
3. Keep the whereabouts of accomplices secret.

1. Do not reveal arcane truths to those who would hinder pursuit of such knowledge or corrupt its practices.
2. Keep non-magic-users safe and ignorant from the physical, mental and spiritual dangers of magic.
3. Always pursue the discovery of arcane lore unless such efforts conflict with the above rules.

1. Every action has a consequence.
2. Everything has a spirit.
3. All spirits crave something for which they are willing to bargain.

1. Never linger long with fellow rangers: Search for yourself and never let others make your path for you.
2. Walk the wilds silently in order to find those lost, aid those in peril, and slay the giantkind.
3. Show gratitude to the bounty of nature and the balance among living things.

1. All life is sacred.
2. Every action has a consequence.
3. Honor sacred life in all your actions.

1. Your worth comes from your strength in arms, your cunning, your people’s blood and the aid of your primal gods. Honor them well.
2. Put family above tribe, tribe above all others.
3. Wounds heal, but shame is eternal: An insult to honor is far worse than injury to flesh or bone.

1. Once a contract is made, either your target or yourself must die.
2. Innocents must be left unharmed unless they chose to interfere with a contract.
3. Never identify other assassins or those who have hired an assassin’s services.

1. Greed and glory lead to honor; moderation and mediocrity lead to shame.
2. Put family before clan; clan before gold; gold before beer; and beer before all else.
3. Kill giants before orcs; orcs before goblins; and goblins before men.

Orcs, Trolls, Monsters:
1. Hunger knows no friend but the one who feeds it.
2. Those who are not of your tribe are food.
3. Fight to feed; feed to breed; breed to fight.