Cop Gear

Stats provided for Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS rules

Equipment (all in the trunk of a car; select as personal gear as needed):

Nondescript dark clothing (example: black jeans, boots, bulky dark jacket)

A 12-gauge shotgun (example: FN Police Shotgun) (Dmg 4d crushing; Acc 5; 1/2D 25 yd; Max. 150 yd; RoF 3~; Rcl -3; 5 shots/clip)

A semi-automatic handgun (example: Glock 17) (Dmg 2d+2 crushing; Acc 3; 1/2D 150 yd; Max. 1,850 yd; RoF 3~; Rcl -1; 17 shots/clip)
(“Red-dot” laser scope increases pistol’s aiming bonus to Acc 5; can be switched on/off.)
(Three extra ammo clips for pistol on belt.)
(Quick-release holster for pistol, designed for using Fast Draw skill.)

Telescoping steel baton (Swing crushing, thrust crushing).

Air taser (Dmg special; Acc 6; 1/2D 7yd; Max. 7yd; RoF 1; Rcl 0; 1 shots/clip; target must make a Health-3 [HT-3] check or be stunned for [20-HT] seconds, min. 1 second; a critical failure means target’s heart has stopped. Targets in nonmetallic armor get a +1 bonus per DR 5, so +2 for DR 6-10, etc. Other modifiers: Target has High Pain Threshold advantage, +3; Low Pain Threshold, -4.)

Small canister of chemical mace (Dmg special; Acc 4; 1/2D 3yd; Max. 3yd; RoF 1; Rcl 0; 10 shots/canister; if hit in face [-7 called shot], target must make a Health-4 [HT-4] check or be blinded for [20-HT] minutes, min. 1 minute. While blind, target suffers -5 penalty to most actions; some visual actions will be impossible.)

1 set of metal police handcuffs (Fits wrists only; Escape-5 or DX-11 to slip out of, or ST-18 to break)

6 plastic strip-type temporary handcuffs (Fit wrists or ankles; Escape-3 or DX-9 to slip out of, or ST-12 to break)

Headset communication system (talk with rest of team or HQ) (Walkie-talkie-type slim mic and earpiece; range 21 miles)

Monocular night-vision headgear (Worn as slip-on headband; allows sight at no penalty in darkness, although total darkness is still blinding.)

Ultrasonic dog deterrent (A hand-held electronic device that can emit a burst of ultrasonic sound. Dogs and similar animals with ultrasonic hearing up to 6.5 yards away must make a Health-3 [HT-3] check or be painfully stunned for [20-HT] seconds, min. 3 seconds; no permanent damage is done.)

Digital game finder (A hand-held electronic device which detects moving temperature changes passing within range; typically used for tracking game animals in the dark, also good for humans. Range is about 100 yards in the open to just 1 yard through solid walls; 20 hour battery life)

Tough (DR 2) equipment case housing a laptop computer with line modem, wireless network card, portable printer, and a digital camera with a long-range zoom lens. (Camera doubles as binoculars as necessary.)