GURPS: Ghellen the Elder

Another character callously murdered by GM Stanley Miller, this one by getting run down for no gawddamn reason by elite-level stone golem karate grandmasters that only took called shots to the character’s exposed face, ran at double human speed and did triple damage every hit. Bullshit level of this death confirmed by Sean Punch, GURPS line editor with Steve Jackson Game. Screw you, Stan.

(Seriously, Stan was a great GURPS GM who created rich and vibrant worlds for my characters to ultimately die horribly in.)

Ghellen the Elder

6′ 5″, 220 lbs. (100-pt. character)

ST 13, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 12
Speed 6, Move 6

Toughness (DR 1); Appearance: Unattractive (lots of facial scars, -1 reaction), Callous (-2 to attempt Fast-Talk, but +2 to resist Fast-Talk), Dependent (Ghellen the Younger; 50-75 pt. loved one; 9 or less)

Always very polite to everyone… even while breaking their legs. Has high expectations for his son. Thinks everyone in life is getting what they deserve.

Axe/Mace-13, Blackjack-13, Brawling-15, Broadsword-14, Crossbow-12, Detect Lies-10, Intimidation-14, Shadowing-10, Stealth-11, Streetwise-12, Survival (forest)-10, Throwing-9, Tracking-12, Wrestling-13


Ghellen the Elder grew up a big, tough kid in one of the Sethi Empire’s forested backwaters. Failing to secure any honest work as an adult, he became the chief leg breaker for a petty local crimelord. Ghellen earned a reputation for always being polite, ruthless, and generally fair to those earning the disfavor of his boss. His general aura of menace was tempered only by his fatherly devotion to his mischievous son, Ghellen the Younger, whose harlot mother died years ago.

Eventually a Sethi magistrate got around to cleaning up banditry and corruption in Ghellen’s rural province. While the crimelord faced certain death, his henchmen were offered a choice: accept exile to Vossil or endure crippling magical wards and curses. Ghellen and his son were on a ship by week’s end.