Lolestra, Exarch of Lolth


Demon goddess of shadows and lies, Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Weaver of Chaos, the Hunted, the Mother of Lust, fallen deity of fate, ex-lover of the elven god Corellon, matron of all drow and sworn enemy of the eladrin and elves. Everyone's least favorite superbitch.

Exarch of Lolth, a high priestess of the drow hiding somewhere in the Underdark of an unknown world. She was using a crystal egg to spy on the eladrin court of Astrazalian in the Feywild until Sharn exposed her secret agent there.

Vault Of The Drow Nobles
Organized into the noble houses of Xaniqos, Aleval, Despana, Godeep, Shi'quos, Vae, Eilservs and Zhiq'nah. Based around their capital metropolis Erelhei-Cinlu in the Vault of the Drow, a region of the deep Underdark. Constantly fighting against the eladrin.

Breven Foss
A radical elementalist who schemes to build a conspiracy of forces to free Piranoth the World Shaker, a primordial imprisoned at the end of the Dawn War against the gods.



A mind flayer mastermind who learned about the Ritual Primeval by devouring the brain of a duergar in Sigil. The heroes have unknowingly and frequently thwarted Xoklaan's plans, enraging the ambitious illithid.

The Goblins
Pickwick, Bullfoot and Shlum are the three brothers who survived adventuring with the heroes. Their older, smarter and deader brother Candlelore spoke for the group, as none of these three know the Common Tongue of humans -- only goblin and giant. They recently became the leaders of the tiefling crime syndicate known as The Axiom.

The Axiom
A tiefling crime syndicate in Sigil based on the diabolic ideal of peace through tyranny. A mysterious curse killing off their members was blamed on the work of rival genasi street gangs, but the goblin brothers claim to have ended the plague.

The Athar
A planar sect of medusae and other creatures who conspire to undermine and disprove the divine might of the gods. They appear to have allied themselves with the duergar.



God of torture, forever trapped to crawl and dig through the Underdark, dragging his broken legs behind him. A cruel sadist with no agenda for the cosmos besides prolonging pain, few worship him directly. Illithids, duergar and other underground races pay Torog homage for their own safety or other evil goals.

First Lord Thrumbolg
The revenge-obsessed fomorian tyrant ruler of Mag Tureah, an underground kingdom in the Feywild. He believes the heroes stole a tower full of riches from his realm and, as a result, the tyrant spares no expense to track them down. Trolls, cyclopes and powerful magical storms have been among his methods used to try and kill these "thieves."

The Duergar of House Grausamkeit
(wiped out) Devil-worshipping underdark dwarves from the realm of Tiefe Shanatar within the world of Toril. These duergar rediscovered the "Ritual Primeval" and sent secret squads out across the planes to gather components and planar children needed for the world-creating magic. Most of their efforts so far have been foiled by bad luck and/or the intervention of the heroes. They have recently become the victims of a "burn notice" from their former archdevil masters.

Prince Ratig, Duke Vohag (deceased): Two duergar tasklord leaders.

Goestav (deceased): A duergar whose brain was eaten by illithids (aka mind flayers), according to captured messages written between Ratig and Vohag.

Sorrowfist (deceased): A troll baron who was disgraced by the heroes and suffered the wrath of his leige, First Lord Thrumbolg. The fomorian king beheaded the troll 327 times before sending Sorrowfist to confront the heroes directly, at which meeting they killed him and boiled his body in an acid-soaked sewer.

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