the City of Ages


Epsilon and Theta
A pair of warforged mages who served the First and Last Guardian of the City of Argent just before his death. The two are members of The Created, a sect of warforged from the Shadowfell who once served as caretakers for Argent.

The Forest Maidens
The druid Aelrue, the shaman Calarel and the cleric Ghilanna, elven sisters and field captains in the war against Lolth on the prime material world of Caer Sidi. All three were recently rescued from captivity in Sigil by a drow noble.

Astrazalian Elite Guard
About two dozen eladrin war mages from the Order of the Spiral Tower escorted the planar children from Elsehaven into Sigil and on to Argent. They stayed in the City of Ages but are ill-equiped to do little more than babysit and make occational patrols.

The Planar Children
Those rescued and currently protected in Argent include:
Aethon: Son of air, rescued from a storm titan at the Court of Storms
Asera: Daughter of healing, rescued from elementals in the Feywild
Balir: Son of animals, rescued from a drider in the Feywild
Bellavel: Daughter of travel, rescued from the sewers of Waterdeep
Devina: Daughter of luck, rescued from duergar in Sigil
Ganiel: Daughter of music, rescued from Astrazalian in the Feywild
Tolf: Son of knowledge, found already living at Argent
Vala: Daughter of war, rescued from duergar in Sigil

the City of Doors


An information broker and well-connected middleman in Sigil who provides services of all kinds to powers across the planes. He is commonly found in The Styx Oarsman, a bar that draws both demons and devils as its chief customers in the City of Doors.

A minotaur wizard in the employ of Rule-of-Three. Prox is an avowed Merkant, a planar sect which holds money as sacred.

The Elements
A rag-tag group of genasi street youths who idealize chaos and freedom while making trouble thoughout Sigil. Thanks to his honoring the love and free will of their "queen," these elemental-mortal halfbreeds hold the halfling storm sorcerer Squall to be something of a folk hero/celebrity. They often fight Sigil's city guards, various champions of divine powers and their most hated rivals, the tiefling mob called The Axiom.

Arwyl Swan's Son

Arwyl Swan's Son
A paladin and the factol of the Sons of Mercy faction and a former factor of the Mercykillers. His idealism to reform justice in Sigil is tempered by the reality of living in a city full of powerful and chaotic creatures. He takes allies as he finds them.

Goldtusk aka Goldtooth
An orc bookie who has been taking bets in Sigil against the heroes' week-by-week survival.

Sister Rosis and the Youth Missionaries for Orcus
"Earn Gold Now! (Ask Me About Ritual Sacrifice!)" These humble Sigil street preachers and their walking-billboard zombies try to soft-sell living mortals into signing up for service to the Demon Prince of Undeath. ("No obligation while alive! Don't let that pile of flesh go to waste!") So far they've gotten few takers and suffered a lot of harassment.

Gardeners of the Hive
Urban farmers exploiting portals to the Feywild to "green" the Hive, a notorius slum in Sigil. The rival herbivore bariaur and carnivore shifters working there do not mix well. The portal to the secret demiplane of Elsehaven was hidden near these gardens.


Lady Shandria

Lady Shandria
An eladrin warrior-princess and niece to the Court of Stars' Queen Tiandra, she serves as the First Sword defender and leader of the Feywild city of Astrazalian. She agreed to help the heroes after Slimvass and Sharn convinced her the drow and fomorians had made a secret pact to attack her city. (That's not true, but worked to win her support.)

The Eladrin: Organized into the noble houses of Branlani, Coure, Firre, Ghaele, Noviere, Shiere and Tulani. Allied by shared courts in the Feywild, especially the Court of Summer, as well as fealty to Corellon Larethian, god of eladrin and magic, and Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of elves and the moon. Constantly fighting against the drow.

Besrillidar (aka "Chip") (DEAD): An emotionally damaged unicorn warlock who blamed the drow for leaving him "horribly disfigured" (the tip of his horn was cut off). When Torog attacked Elsehaven, Besrillidar became a wrackspawn-like horror and was soon slain by the heroes.

Bitterbell (MIA): A pixie wizard who served as the cook in Elsehaven where every meal looked like a delicious feast but was actually, in substance and taste, just oatmeal and dandelion wine. He was last seen being mutilated by a drider in the Beastlands of the Feywild, although his ultimate fate is unknown.

The Elsehaven Fey (DEAD): Sprites, pixies and brownies who faithfully serve those using the archfey's demiplane as a refuge. While well meaning, their constant mischief, music and dancing could fast annoy seasoned adventurers simply trying to rest between missions. Their fate after Torog's destruction of Elsehaven is unknown.


A storm titan who feels no love for Piranoth or Breven Foss. He made a secret bargain with Squall to help thwart the elementalists' plans.

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