Nine Nations Of The Outlands

A tweak on the earlier post about The Outlands, here describing the nine civilized lands tied ethnically and quasi-historically to ancient Greeks, Egyptians, pre-Roman Celts, Vikings, Han Dynasty Chinese and various mythical peoples like dwarves and elves.

In terms of “religions,” see: Celtic pantheon (PHB5e p. 298), Dwarven gods (PHB5e p. 296), Egyptian Panteon (PHB5e p. 299, esp. Thoth), Elven gods (PHB5e p. 296), Greek pantheon (PHB5e p. 298, with seasonal festivals to each deity) and Norse pantheon (PHB5e p. 299, esp. Odin, Thor and Tyr).

* Dozens of scattered islands across a warm sea.
* Borders Semuanya’s Bog (lizardfolk) and the gate-towns of Faunel (to the Beastlands) and Sylvania (to Arborea/Olympus).
* Loosely aligned with the Doomguard planar faction.
* 55% Greeks and self-proclaimed “Atlanteans” (humans), 20% intelligent beasts, 10% undersea peoples (triton, merfolk), 5% “the caliban” (half-orcs), 5% “titan-blooded” giants (storm and cloud) and 5% others (bariaur, centaurs, lizardfolk, minotaur, nymphs, treants, yuan-ti).

* A vast overgrown ruined city above with a vast network of caverns below.
* The Mausoleum of Chronepsis: Cavern lair of the dragon deity of fate and home base to an society of dragonborn knights.
* Loosely aligned with the Mind’s Eye planar faction.
* 95% dragon knights (dragonborn of all types), 5% true dragons (mostly metallic types)

* Colossal roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil descending from the sky into rocky lands and cold seas, forming cavern-like giant alcoves.
* The Well of Urd: Lair of the Norns where occasionally Norse deities visit to consult with the three main wise giantesses tending the Well of Fate.
* Closely aligned with the Fated planar faction.
* 80% Aesir-blooded Norse (humans), 15% Vanir (wood elves), 5% giants (fire, frost, stone), some dwarf colonies and troll enclaves, a few goliath tribes

* A single giant arcology of Chinese bureaucracies, grainaries, stables serving the Ten Courts of Law, the Eighteen Hells and celestials under the deity Yen-Wang-Yeh and the Chinese Celestial Bureaucracy.
* Closely aligned with the Fraternity of Order planar faction.
* Patrolled by various creature of Asian myth: oni, foo creatures, dragons, rakshasa, spirit centipedes and stone golems.
* 85% Chinese (humans), 15% “spirit folk” (aasimar, tieflings, genasi), a few kenku

* A thriving metropolis along the River Ma’at, the banks of which here are a dangerous zone of giant crocodiles, giant scorpions and similar monsters.
* The City Of Thebestys: Part city of scholars and magic-users, part vast library, directly outside the Estate of the Egyptian deity Thoth.
* Closely aligned with the Harmonium planar faction.
* 70% Egyptians (humans), 10% Nubians (humans), 10% Arabians (humans), 5% other African (humans), 5% “baal-blooded” (tieflings and fire genasi)

* A massive factory city of diverse technology, including scraps from modern worlds.
* Tvashtri’s Realm: Endless technical archives and “steampunk” workshops where human workers experiment and build devices under the inspiration of Tvastar, the Vedic deity of artifice and science.
* Closely aligned with the Athar planar faction.
* 90% “the peoples” (humans from various cultures), 10% “tinkerers” (rock gnomes)

* A land of lush rolling hills, streams, meadows and fields.
* Flowering Hill: Divine home of the halfling agriculture deity Sheela Peryroyl.
* Closely aligned with the Ring Givers planar faction.
* 90% halflings (all types), 5% river folk (humans), 5% gnomes (forest gnomes), a few tabaxi clans

* A great mountain run through with dwarven cities, halls, mines and vaults.
* The Dwarven Mountain: The dwarf-holds of Durinn, Dvalinn and Motsognir are found here around the mountain, as are the divine homes of Dugmaren Brightmantle (deity of scholarship, invention, discovery), Dumathoin (creation, smithing) and Vergadain (wealth, luck, thieves).
* Loosely aligned with the two Mercykiller factions (Sodkillers or Sons of Mercy).
* 100% dwarves (80% mountain dwarves, 20% hill dwarves), a few rock gnome colonies; tribes of the “giant-blooded” (goliath) roam the outside upper altitudes

* Mostly mist-covered lush woods and fields of oats, wheat and barley around a shallow sea.
* Divided among Tir Na Og (“Land of Youth”), Tir Fo Thuinn (Manannan mac Lir’s underwater realm) and Tir na MBeo (“Land of the Living”), homes of Celtic deities.
* Loosely aligned with the Transcendent Order planar faction.
* 60% Celts (Irish and Gaelic) (humans), 15% sidhe-blooded (half-elves), 10% Aos Si (“ees shee”) (high elves), 10% Britons (humans), 5% giants (fomorians, hill giants, orges, trolls).

Borderlands, isolated realms, nomads and wilderness
* Bariaur Tribes: Roam as unaligned nomads or in vast non-exclusive grazing lands.
* Blood War Legions (baatezu) Or Hordes (tanar’ri): Dozens, hundreds or thousands of fiends (either devils or demons) en route to attack their enemy’s forces. Either type is quite willing to recruit or capture cannon-fodder from the locals to be expended when contact with the rival fiendish army is made.
* The Bog: A vast mix of swamps, marshes and reedy lakes where lizardfolk tribes dwell under the watchful eye of their deity Semuanya. A few scattered outlaws also hide here.
* The Caverns Of Madness: An underdark expanse where creatures fall under the thrall of either the beholder deity Gzemnid or the illithid hide mind deity Ilsensine.
* The Court Of Light: The mysterious and mystically dangerous lair of Shekinester the three-faced naga deity and a small number of nagas and snake folk. It’s three zones include the Loom of the Weaver, the Hall of Tests and the Arching Flame.
* Hermitages: Isolated buildings or small settlements where disciplined or extreme believers pursue their own way of life away from strangers.
* Gnoll Raiders: Packs of these humanoids only bent on destruction and devouring other living things.
* Goblinoid Legions: Goblin scouts and merchants, hobgoblin soldiers, bugbear assassins. To those weaker, they seek to dominate them and use up local resources before moving on and leaving scraps behind. To those stronger, they may petition to serve as their army and wage war in exchange for payment. (Note: They will never serve elves.) To those of matching strength, they avoid.
* Indep Villages: Like hermitages, but with more people and families. Not welcoming to outsiders.
* Myrkvior: Dark woodlands of archfey outcast elves, firbolg, kobold, trolls and ghosts.
* Orc Lands: Dry canyons between toxic deserts and ruins that echo empires which have not yet been founded. Rival tribes of orcs battle for turf constantly to loot futures that now will never happen.
* The Sea: Width between realms varies from 250 miles to 2,500 miles. Known to contain rival “baronies” of triton, merfolk and sahuagin.
* The Outlands Underdark: Enemy realms of deep gnomes, drow, kuo toa, duergar, myconids and undead – only ever united to oppose the illithids.
* Walking Castles: Arch-mages’ construct fortresses ever on the move in search of arcane locations or avoiding enemies.