The Outer Planes
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Once a "lattice of heaven" between divine domains, the plane was shattered during the Dawn War fought between primordials and gods. Now a silvery void dotted with "island" utopias formed around specific ideals, the space between domains is hunting ground for githyanki and other pirates, abominations birthed as living weapons during the Dawn War, and uncharted dangers.


The Verdant Isles

Fey utopia. Domain of Corellon Larethian, god of eladrin and magic, and Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of elves and the moon. (MOTP pp. 90; TPA pp. 37-43)

Estaira (aka Elvenhome): Final home to ruesti (spirits of slain fey) and other fey creatures.
Gloaminghold: Hidden house of the tiefling warlock Duskmoon.
Nath Seldarie: Corellon's palace.
The Hunting Lands: Dangerous areas left wild to test ruesti and provide sport to the gods. Includes the Dead City of Carantharas, the Endless Forest, the Reef Catacombs and the Wasteland of Burnt Blood. (TPA pp. 38-40)

THE GREEN ISLES (satellite realms)
Archipelago bordering Arvandor and the Astral Sea. (TPA pp. 42-43)
Starhallow: An island city-state of mortal elves, eladrin, humans and others. Ruled by Coronal Deliyl, a mortal eladrin wizard.
The Wild Islands: Four islands, home to monsters and primitive mortal tribes.
Tael Faris: Site of the House of Moon and Stars, a temple of ironic elven, eladrin and gnome worshippers.
Lyef Thierre: A wilderness island where the forest turns to tropical jungle and the locals build twisted temples to deities none have heard of.


The Nine Hells

Tyranny utopia, where the politics of domination and power are held as the ultimate virtues.

Archipelago bordering Baator and the Astral Sea (TPA pp. 76-79)
The Soul Market: Luxurious and expensive trading center welcoming devils and Astral travelers.
Malharak, Hell's Bastion: Last remaining fortress of He Who Was servants, conquered only a century ago.
Screamstone: Spiraling catacombs of torture chambers, welcoming sadists from across the planes.
Shores of Sorrow: A false paradise of happy memories that soon viciously turn on visitors.
Thronerock: A forest of serpent-trees hiding a huge obsidian throne that supposedly grants divination powers.

AVERNUS, the First Hell
Ash and pumice-covered surface of the orb under a fireball-shooting sky. Ruled by the pit fiend Bel and a coucil of similar devils called the Dark Eight. Home to lesser archdevils in disfavor, such as Azazel, Moloch, Nergal and Raamoth. (MOTP pp. 99)
The Bronze Citadel: Fortress of Bel and barracks to infernal surface patrols.
Darkspire: A once-mortal city transported to Hell for its inhabitants' wickedness.
Gates of Malsperanze: Entrance to the deeper Hells; sign read, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."
Lake of Despond: Birthplace of the River Styx that flows through the Hells.

DIS, the Second Hell
Caverns of lava and red-hot iron leading to an infernal metropolis. Ruled by Dispater, Father of Strife. (MOTP pp. 100)
The Fetters: Slum of Dis.
Mentiri: Prison of Dis.
The Iron Tower: Dispater's stalactite sanctuary.

MINAUROS, the Third Hell
Oily, foul swamp of boiling bogs and yellow-green mist. Ruled by Mammon, the King of Greed. (MOTP pp. 100-101)
Minauros, the Sinking City: Captial city, palace of Mammon.
Jangling Hiter, the City of Chains: Home to chain devils (kytons).
Labyrinth of Truths: Library of trivial records kept by Mammon's underlings.

PHLEGETHOS, the Fourth Hell
Scorching cavern of lava seas. Ruled by Fierna and her father, Belial. (MOTP pp. 101-102)
The Lake of Fire: Neutral ground meeting place among devilkind.
Abyrimoch: Palace of Fierna and Belial inside a volcano's caldera. Site of the Court Infernal, a legal body to settle disputes between devils.
Tymphalos, the Mouth of Iron: Weapons foundry where the mechanical genius archdevil Tymphal supervises devil and duergar workers.

STYGIA, the Fifth Hell
Frozen vault of massive icebergs and plains of frostfire. Ruled by Levistus, imprisoned within a block of ice and served by his seneschal, the pit fiend Amon. (MOTP pp. 102-103)
Tantlin: Stygia's largest city, second only to Dis.
Tomb of Levistus: Enchanted iceberg.

MALBOLGE, the Sixth Hell
False paradise in a smaller cavern; trees bear rotten fruit, garden pools fill with poisonous water, scents from blooming flowers cause nightmare-filled sleep. Ruled by Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus. (MOTP pp. 103)
Garden of Delights: Place where succubi tease prisoners and offer false hope.
Ossesia, Palace of Glasya: Lustrous white walls actually lacquered bones. Full of courtiers and guarded by Glasya's chief lieutenant, Tartash, marshal of Malbolge.

MALADOMINI, the Seventh Hell
A maze of tunnels, each three to five miles wide and hundreds of miles long. Ruled by Baalzebul, Lord of Flies, and his entourage including consort Lilth; Barbatos, marshal of the realm; and Nebaz, Herald of Lies. (MOTP pp. 103-104)
Malagarde: Crumbling city around the Palace of Filth.
The Carnival Macabre: A celebration of degradation which masks a black market in infernally-forbidden goods.
Grenpoli, the City of Guile: Seat of the infernal bureaucracy under the administration of a pit fiend named Lenphant.

CANIA, the Eighth Hell
A vast, cold cavern. Ruled by Mephistopheles (MOTP pp. 104-105)
Mephistar: Mephistopheles' palace, shared with Adonides, steward of Cania; Bifrons, commander of the ice devil legions; and Belphegor, warden of the hellfire fonts below the palace.
Kintyr: Ruined city of an archdevil rival.

NESSUS, the Ninth Hell
Fiery heart of the realm. Domain of Asmodeus, god of tyranny. (MOTP pp.)
Malsheem: Asmodeus' stronghold, shared with Alastor, executioner of Nessus; Baalberith, chancellor of the Nine Hells; Phongor the Inquisitor; and scores of pit fiends and war devils.
Taj Bari: A citadel vault holding a copy of the pact diabolus documenting the devils' place in the deities' cosmos.
The Chalices of Woe: Row after row of red-hot coffins containing prisoners kept alive by painful magics.
Neshminaar: A secretive city where cambions conduct dangerous experiments to breed monsters and create dark rituals.


The Red Prison

Exile utopia. A prison plane forged by the deities to hold a primordial that could not be killed. (MOTP pp. 110; TPA pp. 104-107)

Othrys, Cathrys, Minethys, Colothys, Porphatyx: Five cold, marshy islands in an archipelago beyond the domain's gates. Inhabited by all manner of stranded creatures.
Agathys: Uninhabited island guarded by grim angels.


The Radiant Throne

Harmony utopia. Domain of seven holy mountains. (MOTP pp. 91; TPA pp. 44-50)

Mount Venya (aka Snowbeard): Domain of Kord, god of strength.
Mount Mertion: Domain of the Platinum Dragon god Bahamut.
Mount Solania (aka Rainfather): Domain of the dwarven creator god Moradin and his soulforge of Torzak-Belgirn.
Mount Chronias: Domain guarded by a powerful angel. Connected to Asiryet by the Bridge of al-Sihal.
The Game Mountains: An arena where the exalted of Moradin, Bahamut and Kord compete once per season.
Torzak-Belgirn: Forge-city of master craftsmen.
Empyron, the City of Healing: Waters from here cure curses, poisons and diseases.
Asiryet, the Heavenly City: A community of exalted.

THE FOOTHILLS (satellite realms)
Archipelago bordering Celestia and the Astra Sea (TPA pp.47-50)
Stouthome (aka The Stout): Hard-luck mostly dwarven community. One-quarter mortal, three-quarter outsiders.
Ruins of Bentsword: Outsider spirit warriors to (wrongfully) see themselves as not meeting Kord's grace.
Fleece Isles: Pastoral community of outsider shepherds.
The Gallows: Home base for the Golden Noose, a fleet of vigilante outsiders who hunt evildoers.
Highcliff: Home to fishlike mortal dragonborn who worship a nameless primordial and attack all trespassers.
The Pillar: A massive watchtower whose outsider inhabitants claim to be former gods from before the Dawn War.
The Tangle: Rugged Kord and Melora outsiders live in this woodland that destroyed any constructed buildings.
Touchstone: An icefield which attracts expiring soulforms to rest within a large exposed rock.


The Iron Fortress

Warfare utopia. Two rival armies of battlesworn spirits follow enemy gods (Bane vs. Gruumsh) in a never-ending battle. (MOTP pp. 92-93)

Zoronor: Walled town at the edge of the domain, serves as a kind of port to the Astral Sea.
Tuer-Chern: Stronghold of Bane, the god of conquest. Reached by the Stairs of Woe rising up from the field of Chern.
Clangor: Goblin domain of Maglubiyet, an exarch of Bane.
Nishrek: Stronghold of Gruumsh, god of slaughter. Mountains, many caverns full of orc hordes, and the Tower of Skulls.
Tower of the Adamantine Mage: Home of the archmage Koth-Amar.
The Stone Sea: Badlands that roil like a stormy ocean, across which grind sailing citadels. (TPA pp. 54)
Lakes of Lost Hope: Sea-sized lakes where enemy fleets battle.

THE SHRAPNELS (satellite realms)
Archipelago bordering Chernoggar and the Astral Sea (TPA pp. 59-61)
Isle of Rage: Volcanic realm that smashes into, across and through neighboring satellite realms
Reavers' Haven: Stone block of iron full of caves that shelter various mercenary groups.
Gnashing Teeth: A cluster of small realms that frequently crash together. Home to bladelings and outsiders.
Rimeval: A glacier-covered rockball.


The Bright City

Civilization and learning utopia. Earthmotes float above a great lagoon, all surrounded by golden clouds. (MOTP pp. 94-96)

Aurosion: Palace domain of both Pelor, god of light, and Erathis, goddess of civilization.
Kerith-Ald, the Swan Tower: Domain of Ioun, goddess of knowledge.
Marketplace of merchants and artists.
The Silver Tankard: The city's most popular inn.
The Fields of Ida: A vast meadow, sometimes used for jousting festivals.

The Daybreak Islands; Archipeligo bordering Hestevar and the Astral Sea. (TPA pp. 64)
Luethvar: Neutral trading zone policed by High Minister Kemuel's squadrons of hippogriff knights.
Scar: Dense forested isle full of mutant creatures bred in the Tower of Broken Men, lair of the mad artificer Cassalanter Vegna.
Shine Point: A lighthouse tended by a rotation of various angels.
The Townships: A collection of two dozen idilic small island communities such as Morrow Town, Sun Town, Barter Point, Middletown, and so forth.


The Darkened Pillars

Formerly the peace utopia, now a broken domain in decay. It's master, the god Amoth, was slain when the demon princes Demogorgon, Orcus and Rimmon sacked the realm. After Amoth's demise, the place became a windy and wintery wasteland. Devils, githyanki and adventurers often loot its ruins. (MOTP pp. 96-97)

Citadel Exalhus: Stronghold headquarters of the Doomguard, a former planar faction in Sigil. Site of God's Dice Arena for gladiator demons and outside challengers.
Rimmon's Cairn: Tomb of the demon prince slain during the attack on Amoth.



Insanity utopia. Lightless tunnels of maddening winds. No deities rule this domain; the bannished mortal spirits here wander and go insane. (TPA pp. 116-118)

The Madhouse: Stronghold headquarters of the Bleak Cabal, a former planar faction in Sigil.
Keener's Wall: A settlement of "functionally insane" who trade with Wintervault's giants.
Wintervault: Lair of a tribe of frost giant slavers.
Myriad of Gales: A bardic college for musicians seeking to learn mad tunes.
Agathion: A cavern sealed off from the other tunnels to contain forgotten evils and monsters.
Vecna's Tower: Rumored to exist here but unconfirmed.


The Gray Waste

Dead utopia. Former domain of Nerull, god of the dead, before he was slain and usurped by the Raven Queen. (MOTP pp. 111)


The White Desert

Formerly the balance utopia and home to the Illumians, but a distaster erased its civilization from existence. Other creatures now claim its territory, including maruts, astral giants and demons. (MOFP pp. 107-108)

Elirhondas: Haunted ruin of the Illumian's City of Philosophers.
Oracle of Qarma-Thaal: A magical pool granting divination, guarded by a great sphinx called the Voice of Sarpoth.


The Endless Night

Ignorance utopia. A maze of dry canyons. (MOTP pp. 108-110)

Samaragd, the Serpent Kingdom
Domain of Zehir, god of darkness and poison, and his yuan-ti followers. (TPA pp. 85)
The Labyrinth: Magically darkened lair of Zehir.
Amun-Atl: Zehir's largest temple, ruled by yuan-ti exarch Athathessk. directly above The Labyrinth.
Ennek-Vul: Cliff-faced temple, lair of a servant monster named Merrshaulk.
Tabrol-Akla: Zehir temple near Tiamat's domain. Led by the exarch Unsruuk, a very intelligent troglodyte.
The Obelisk of Night: Ink-black monolith covered in proto-Supernal script. May pre-date the cosmos.
The Murder Pit: Bottomless pool of black goo which aids in divinations to witness murders happening anywhere in the cosmos.
Ravenous Wood: Dead forests that animate to drag travelers within. May hide lair of superbeast.

Azharul, Caverns of Fiery Splendor
Domain of Tiamat, dragon goddess of greed. Site of a massive adamantine gate the Dragon Queen refuses to let be opened.
The Crawling Castle: A fortress walking on hundreds of clawed iron legs. Lair of the cambion demigod Vulkur Vaal the Flayer.
Hopelorn: Stronghold of the lich-lord Melif and his cabal of undead mages.
Yithomel: Lair of the Seven Kings of Yith, darksworn of Tiamat who were greedy mortal monarchs in life.
Lair of Geryon: Home to the exiled former archdevil ruler of Stygia, the Fifth Hell.

THE SCALES (satellite realms): Archipelago bordering Tytherion and the Astral Sea. Tiny islands rejected by both Tiamat and Zehir and subject to constant attacks by bored servants of both realms looking to hone killing skills. (TPA pp. 88-89)


Former dominion of technology, now in ruin and scavanged by maruts. (TPA pp. 124)

The Bastion of Inevitability
Marut fortress in the most remote part of the Astral Sea. (TPA pp. 100)

Couatl communities. (TPA pp. 92-93)
The Cloud Court: Palace of the Glorious Feathered Emperor Nahua.
The Spiral Spire: Court of rival couatl emperor Xihue.
The Smaze: Astal anomaly, base of "Deniers" couatls led by opposition spirit leader Tzotl.

Eldregaard (aka Fane of the Fallen Dragon)
Lair of the great dragon Isaldurax who was disgraced for failing to protect a mortal placed under the protection of Bahamut's servants. (TPA pp. 124)

Spartan domain of a deity slain during the Dawn War. (TPA pp. 108-113)
The Golden Monolith: A collosal glowing primorial apparently petrified and partially sunk into a swamp.
The Chaos Bog: Swamp around the monolith's foot, constantly spewing molten rock, acidic mist and freezing air.
Rhym Katal: A non-githyanki pirate base.
Hovel and Twisp: A poor village of mortals decended from primordial worshippers.

A gate-town in the Astral Sea around a stable portal to Celestia. (DMG2 pp. 209)

The Forgotten Sanctuary
A continent belonging to a different mortal world that no longer exists. (TPA pp. 125)

An elemental pocket contested by forces of heat and cold. (TPA pp. 125-126)

Drifting corpse of a primordial. Home to a tribe of astral stalkers. (MOTP pp. 111)

Kar'ka Dun
An old githyanki cultural landmark long since abbandoned. (TPA pp. 126)

A huge drinking cup discarded by Moradin, now home to a community of mortals living within it -- all beseiged by demons outside. (TPA pp. 126)

Shivering Spires
A field of tornado-like columns of wind used as a neutral meeting ground by some planar travelers. (TPA pp. 126)

The Tower of Judgement
Marut fortress near Hestavar. (TPA pp. 100)

The Triad Islands
Rival mortal communities locked together by perfect "gravity," living under a shaky peace treaty. (127)
Morisia: Descendants of a mortal army that fled the Mortal World long ago.
Algomon: Theocracy loyal to Kord, god of strength.
Cyrenax: Island broken off of Tyherion, home to cultists.

Tu'narath, City of the Githyanki
Cultural capital of the githyanki, built upon a dead cosmic being and home to the race's lich-queen Vlaakith. (MOTP pp. 111)

Hollowed-out world resembling the Underdark, used as a "safe" haven by githyanki pirates and other scoundrels. (TPA pp. 127)

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