The Inner Planes
Elemental Locales | The Abyss

Once a patchwork of seperate elemental realms, the creation of the Abyss caused an upheaval of clashing and ever-changing matter across the entire plane. Only by focus of will may creatures here maintain any sense on consistency.


The City of Brass

The City of Brass
The "oldest city in all creation," largest planar metropolis in the cosmos. Built on the coast of a fiery see. Home by efreets, currently ruled by Lord Bashamgurda. (MOTP pp. 73-76)
The Keening Delve: Stable caverns near the City of Brass. (MOTP pp. 76)
The Brazen Bazaar: A traveling market and carnival originating from the City of Brass. (TPB pp. 68-69)

The Body Luminous
A stormy vestige of a future apocalypse that materializes in the present. (TPB pp. 94-99)

Canaughlin Bog
A vast, diverse swamp full of monsters, fugitives and mutated fey. (TPB pp. 70-71)

The Duchy of Fume
Domain of Ehkahk, the Smoldering Duke. (TPB pp. 72-73)

The Frost Spire
A stable pocket island amid the arctic Sea of Howling Souls. (ROTG pp. 91)

Gloamnull, City of Rain
A city founded by escaped genasi slaves from the City of Brass who have turned to worshipping the demon Dagon. (TPB pp. 74-75)

Hak Karlum, the Faceted Plain
Mineral-rich site of the Glittering Mine, worked by the Maldrookt hill giant tribe from the Mortal World. (TPB pp. 88-93)

Irdoc Morda
An archon bastion left over from the Dawn War. (TPB pp. 76-77)

The Mountain Builder's Barrow
Tomb of the primordial Tziphal. (TPB pp. 100-105)

The Moteswarm
A jumble of elemental masses around an archon forge contested by giants, githzerai and elementals. (TPB pp. 78-79)

The Ninth Bastion
Outpost originally founded as the colony of the mortal empire of Mira many centuries ago. (MOTP pp. 76-77)

The Pandemonium Stone
A 500-foot-long spire that may be the pupa or prison for a cosmic being. (TPB pp. 80-81)
The Trackless House: A safehouse based on the bottom end of the stone. Jointly run by a genasi, a phoelarch arcanist and a djinn.
The Watchers of Tomorrow: A group of maruts, angels and a devil who dwell at the top of the stone and guard it against attacks.

The Pillars of Creation
Seemingly infinite elemental columns pre-dating the Dawn War. (TPB pp. 82-83)
The Obelisk of Ice: A column of many-hued ice bearing old runes.
The Raging Storm: A funnel of wind patroled by tempest dragons.
The Torrent of Magma: A river of lava.
Other pillars: They're out there somewhere.

The Riverweb
A network of water rivers flowing midair throughout the Elemental Chaos. (TPB pp. 84-85)
Rheilvalt: A mercantile society of mostly humans and genasi spread across several islands.
Widowport: Hidden village base of the River Spiders pirates.
Decktown: A town constructed out of the wrecks of lost ships.
The Landing: A popular crossways where ships pause while traveling.
Castle Torrent: An unexplorer ruin submerged in the Riverweb.

A githzerai monestary founded at the nexus of several powerful chaos streams; it's long-term stablity is doubtful. (TPB pp. 86-87)

The Temple of Elemental Evil
Headquarters to the Cult of the Elder Elemental God. Contains portals to sites in the Elemental Chaos, the Abyss, and the Mortal World. (TPB pp. 38)

Largest city of githzerai, a stable oasis in the Chaos. (MOTP pp. 77-78)


The Abyss


A collection of realms corrupted by contact with a shard of elemental evil brought here ages ago by an evil and long-forgotten god.

Layer 1 - The Plain of a Thousand Portals (aka Pazunia, Plain of Yawning Pits): Dividing realm between the Elemental Chaos and layers of the Abyss. Portal pits to other layers are scattered across its surface. Occultists and minor demon warlords roam openly. (MOTP pp. 78-79)
Layer ?? - Mal Arundak, the Bastion of Confusion: Supposed prison of the Chained God. (TPB pp. 118-119)
Layer ?? - The Plains of Rust: Site of iron fortresses built by devils during a Blood War invasion, now in a state of decay. (TPB pp. 122-123)
Layers 33-35 - Azzagrat: Empire of Graz'zt. (MOTP pp. 79-80)
Layer 33 - Rauwend: Realm of gray gloom.
Layer 34 - Shadowsky: Realm where sunlight shines up from the ground.
Layer 35 - Voorzzt: Realm where hot is cold, cold is hot. Isolated from Pazunia.
City of Zelatar: Graz'zt's captial city, a major merchant hub. Crosses into layers 33-35 all at once. (MOTP pp. 79-81)
 » Gallenghast: Home to demonic nobles and elite merchants.
 » Fogtown: Worker's slum neighborhood.
 » Darkflame: Home to assassins, spies and outcasts.
Layer ?? - Abysm: Lair of Demogorgon and his followers. Tropial realm of jungles and coastal seas. (MOTP pp. 79)
Layer 66 - The Demonweb: Lair of the goddess Lolth, Queen of Spiders, and her follers. (MOTP pp. 81)
Layer 67 - The Demonweb Pits: Maze of portals to other realms.
Layer ?? - The Endless Maze: Lair of Baphomet, the Horned King, and his followers. (MOTP pp. 81)
Layer ?? - Thanatos, the Belly of Death: Lair of Orcus and his followers. (MOTP pp. 82-83)
 » The Plains of Hunger/Town of Orcusgate: Cold realm of undead hordes. Portal up to Pazunia.
 » The Final Hills/Town of Lachrymosa: Ruled by a vassal balor named Glyphimthor.
 » The Frozen Sea: Underwater citidels.
 » Oblivion's End/Fortress of Everlost: Powered bone desert leading to the court of Demon Prince Orcus.
Layer ?? - Twelvetrees: Haunted site of an angelic massacre. (MOTP pp. 83)
Layer ?? - Molor, the Stinking Realm: Domain of Juiblex, patron of slimes and oozes. (TPB pp. 120-121)
Layer ?? - The Spires of Rajzak: Hunting ground of Rajzak, a former demon prince who has become a feral monster. (TPB pp. 124-125)
Layer ?? - The Woeful Escarand: Domains of the six Lords of Woe, powerful Nalfeshnee demons. (MM3 pp. 44-45)

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